BT Broadband Connectivity Issue Fix


This morning BT Broadband (Fibre Optic BT Infinity) is having problems connecting to many websites, including Twitter and BT’s own help pages. This appears to be the case across their entire network and is rather infuriating, to put things mildly. Thankfully there is a fix you can apply yourself – here’s the step by step instructions on how I got my BT broadband back up and running.

1) Get a router

BT broadband comes with two devices, a white one which converts the fibre signal into something your computer can understand and a black one called the BT Home Hub. The BT Home Hub doesn’t let you set your own DNS servers and therefore can not be used to fix the problem. You’ll need to use a different router. Thankfully I have an Apple Time Capsule to hand to use as a router, but if you don’t have one take a trip to your local electronics/computer shop and pick one up – Currys/PCWorld for instance have one for £16.99. You’ll need to unplug the cable that goes from the white modem to the BT Home Hub from the BT Home Hub and plug it into the new router.

2) Set up the Router

Follow the instructions for setting up the router. When prompted with how you want to connect to the internet you need to choose PPPoE using the username [email protected] and the password BT. After setting up the router confirm the internet is working. Twitter and other down sites still won’t work as you haven’t configured the DNS yet.

3) Configure the DNS

Follow the router manufacturers instructions on how to configure DNS. There’s many DNS services out there but the one I got to work was Google Public DNS. For some reason OpenDNS wasn’t playing ball, but if it was it would have been my preferred option. To connect to Google Public DNS simply input and as the DNS servers then accept. After your router restarts you should have full internet access including on the sites that weren’t previously working.

Don’t forget!

Remember to set up passwords on your new wireless network AND for your router configuration. You don’t want to let random people have unsecured access to either your network or your settings, and failing to set up these passwords will allow that.

You’ll also need to reconnect all your devices to the new network with your new password.

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